Thursday, March 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

So I got this idea from another blog (what's new - do I even have orgininal thought anymore?) While I am thankful for a million things, I am trying to dig deeper, so don't have to mention to obvious life, children, husband etc. Just some randoms from this week.

Opening our door this morning we found these treats. The card read something for mum, something for dad, something for the kids. I love getting random treats (99% chance that it is someone from church) and it reminds me that I should do the same more often.

Our Hammock - While it is true that I rarely sit in this thing ie - I am too busy, if I do I suddenly have 3 other little people on top of me sharing it, if they aren't in it - they are pushing me too fast I feel sea sick, I has been raining for like 3 months - which has no finally stopped - so I would get too wet, and lastly in summer it can be too hot out there, waiting for the nice cool weather that has been happening lately. So this week I have been out there atleast twice having a nice little swing. And took some photos to document it!

My kids washing the dishes!! We are slowly teaching them to help us clean up. At the moment they nearly all enjoy doing the dishes. It is even a little annoying and I so want to just do it myself - but what would that teach them? So I have to put up with the wet floor, wet clothes, wet bodies and hope that we are teaching them a good work ethic.

My favourite piece of furniture - not because it is beautiful - but practical. Since we live in a very small house with no office (due to 6 people living in the 3 rooms) This is a saving grace. It is packed full with kids stuff, papers, games, tools, craft stuff, kens work stuff etc etc. Only problem is that it gets so full I still need to go through it time to time to throw stuff out - Oh well thems the breaks.

Hope you all have a thankful Thursday, I know I am!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie, I love Thankful Thursday, I will send photos of my favorite school that takes both boys on Thursdays so that I have a day to myself. Then I will take a photo of my feet up on a chair with me holding a cup of coffee thankful that I can finally take a moment to heave a sigh. Love Karyn (is this the right idea you had in mind?)

Bobbie said...

oh yeah....

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