Monday, March 3, 2008

There's A First Time for Everything...

Living in the "city" and doing all the walking that I do, I am often stopped by people for directions, conversations, laughed at, pitied, whistled at and people sometimes attempt to run me over.

Today I was two blocks from home on my way to school afternoon pickup when a truck that said "Morries Tree Services" pulled over beside me.

Man: "Hey ya... you want some mulch"

Me: "Ummm, No thanks"

Man: "It's really fine stuff "

Me: (embarressed shrug) Ummm, (stalling time) "Trying to think of if any of my neighbours need any" No Sorry.

Ok... I couldn't think of anyone and if they did, what was I going to do, turn around home, knock on my neighbours door and say, "Hey, I got a truck load of mulch for you!"

I then saw him drive up the pathway through the park and dump the lot around some trees in the park (Umm ... isnt that illegal?) Now it wasn't a small amount of mulch.. a whole truck load... interesting that he thought a lady walking with a baby in a pram would want/need mulch or be able to give him somewhere to stash his "illegal" load.

First time hearing this pick up line before, or perhaps I have a gardening look about me - Green thumb? Well I now know that I look like a lady whose garden is in desperate need of fixing...

Hey how did he know?

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