Saturday, March 1, 2008

Watch this space

So we always have a few projects on the go here... there is always something coming up. We started our Easter celebrations on monday. I bought the Vegie Tales "An Easter Carol" and we watched it for Family Home Evening with popcorn lying on pillows in the loungeroom.

We are planning to back pretzels (which are in the shape of arms folded for prayer) Hot Cross Buns. I am still thinking of an activity to go with Palm Sunday. We will have a Breakfast BBQ on Easter monday with an EGG hunt and we are making a pinata for that day too.

So this is our current project - getting ourselves covered in glue. It seems impossible for 3 young girls to make a pinata without getting it everywhere - but we are having fun doing it. We are going for the extremely engenious idea of using a balloon to make an Easter Egg shape - yes I know we are so SMART - or I am looking for the easiest way to accomplish this craft ;)

So I will update you all with how well it works out! Or maybe I won't if it ends up being the ugliest creation known to man.


Janell said...

looks good! Bye the way - please don't take the recipes off your sidebar until after Easter because I want to make some of them but am procrastinating!!!! Thanks!!

Bobbie said...

okay... yeah a few times after I deleted a few of the other recipes, I regretted not keeping them... shame there isnt a bit i can save on and put them on and off as I like.. oh well....

I tried the chocolate torte, it is best refridgerated for a few hours as it is very soft from no flour... but yummy, like crunchy crust and mousse type middle.

I am looking forward to making hot cross buns. Never done that before.

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