Saturday, April 12, 2008

And they SHALL wear ribbons....

My little angels are also little messy angels. I say they inherited bad hair from my mum's side of the family as a running joke. Well after them looking like drowned rats half their life last week I went and shelled out some money on spools or ribbon in 3 different colours to match their clothes. All the other little girls at church look so cute each week.

Lucky I knew my girls and that I would need 10 metres of the stuff.

Exhibit A - Before

Exhibit B - End of the day

I have also discovered this website She does Hair perfect for mums with girls - it shows you about 20 different hairstyles you could try

Oh and did I miss the memo on how to curl your hair with a straightener? I tried this and it is so easy!! YAY! more curls coming my way.
Click here for curls

Have fun with your hair - and feel pity for the woman who has all daughters... wouldn't mind giving them the same haircut I give their dad - number 2 with the clippers ;)


Jan said...

That is so funny. My daughter has a few ribbons that look like that. It just comes with the territory of being cute. I guess it keeps them humble. ;)

Mechelle said...

This made is wishing my daughter was not 14.5. She does her own hair most of the time now. She is awesome and will let me do her hair here and there, but not as much as I use to.

Love the after shot of the ribbon. So true! M

Anonymous said...

A bit of fray stoppa on the ends of the ribbon or (clear) nail polish for quicker result should help with the fraying of the ends. Being gorgeous is high maintenance. Rob and I found these two pics histerical, gee are we glad we only have boys. Karyn

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