Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Another Gamer/Computer Nerd in the making

Gabrielle has a new love - her pet dogs on Nintendogs.

Ken has secured a short contract testing a new game for the Nintendo DS. My brother kindly lent us his for Ken to use. The girls love nintendo gameboys and have been asking for a few years to get one

My fight against all this - you can play it at grandma's, and while you a little I will buy you things for little girls. If I buy you a nintendo now - what will I have to buy you when you are 10!! It is working so far - but they were very excited to have a nintendo for a few weeks.

However they never thought they would have to share it with their 1 year old sister!! She screams if she doesn't get her go. The other morning she woke at 5:30am climbed over us, to the desk and climbed up and got the nintendo down, next thing she is wacking me on the head with it to turn it on for her, which I did and she happily snuggled down between daddy and I playing with her 'dogs'. We now had to try to snooze while listening to the yap of 3 virtual dogs!

Well they start young these days, one day they will be far beyond my technical ablilities and I will be asking them to turn on things for me.

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