Monday, April 7, 2008

Memory Monday

Saw this idea elsewhere (surprise surprise ;) and loved it so thought I would do the same. I am using questions from a Journal Jar I made

*Did you have a favourite toy/blanket when you were young. Tell us about it.*

I had a yellow teddy bear that my father made for my mother when she was in hospital. He died before I was born, so it is very special to me. Over the years growing up I eventually ended up with the bear and the pink giraffe. I slept with that bear until I was a late teenager - that is why it is as flat as a pancake! My girls were playing with it too roughly when they were little and I was so scared they would rip it that I hid it away. Answering this question made me go and find it again - so I am grateful for this question - it reunited me with an old friend!

The dog in the photo was also a very loved stuffed toy. We played with that thing so much growing up. It has lost it's nose, parts of eye and has the beads falling out everywhere.

*What was your favourite place to go with your family when you were young?*

We went many places, lots of holidays in our pop top caravan. My parents took us everywhere we had a good childhood. But this question made me think of a place that no longer exists. We used to go to a huge toy shop called World 4 Kids at Aspley.

When it opened up it was the first HUGE toy store for Brisbane. We would go there just for fun. It had computer games to play (Just as gaming was starting - I am that old - Mario, Sonic etc) lots of things to look at, try out, christmas activities, balloons, face painting etc etc. It was an EXPERIENCE, not just a TOYSTORE. We would even go just to look around, so we always begged our mum to take us there. I tried googling World 4 Kids to find some info but I couldn't find anything, so they must have gone bust - they closed down around time Toys R Us opened... oh well - IT WAS AN AWESOME PLACE - And childhood memory makes it seem even more cool.

Like this entry? Want to do the same? I found this Journal Jar site very helpful - click here I have printed out the questions to use here each Monday.


Mechelle said...

That is so sweet about your yellow bear. I wonder if he ever thought it would mean so much to someone in his family while he was working on the little bear. Maybe we do things and do not realize how much of a difference they will make.

Anyway, I wanted to answer some of the questions you left on my blog. Thanks for the comment. I love hearing from you. My friend from across the world.

Home Schooling:
I would love to give you some of my thoughts on home schooling. I have a lot. I would say that the first thing to do is read the book ~ A Thomas Jefferson Education: Teaching a Generation of Leaders for the Twenty-first Century
by Oliver Van DeMille

I recommended this book for anyone who has a child or likes to teach.
As a home schooler, I have searched for a different approach to teaching my kids. Dr. DeMille has shown me an approach to education that is smart and wonderful and the way it really should be. Extraordinary!

I can understand why you have not home schooled thus far with all the paper work the gov is requiring. You might think it is worth it once you read this book.

Home schooling is hard. I look at my friends that have 6 to 8 hours a day to themselves. I think of the money I could be making our family and the things I could be providing the kids with that extra income.

But my kids are receiving so much more. They have a strong sense of who they are. Their self esteem is rock solid based on truth. No one can take that from them. They looked to their parents for direction and guidance, even as a teenager, rather then their friends. And their friends are friends of all ages, genders and classes.

There is more. Much more. But I will stop there. About the business ideas. I would suggest another book, believe it or not. This book is called: Better than a lemonade stand. It has lots of ideas for kids to make money.

But most of all ~ believe in your kids. Listen to your kids. When they have an idea, no matter how silly, go with that. It might not work out but it will teach them to try and that is more important than success. I have and we all have been blessed because of doing this.

Hope that helps. M

Anonymous said...

Well I am so glad that teddy is still around, I have been meaning to ask you if it was still around, I was frightened you might of thrown it out, The Red cross went around the hospital wards in those days with craft for long term patients to do. So Graham, he decide to make me a bear to hug because I was very frighten and upset as he was bed ridden in one ward and I was bed ridden in the Ward above him.

I slept with that bear all day and night. The nurses had to pry it from me when I had to go in for my spinal operation. Teddy was Graham's first attempt at making any thing like that in his life, So that is why he is a little flat. He was like this is something for you made by me with my own hands a symbol of my love for you and cuddle it like you would cuddle me if I was there with you

The pink Giraffe was made by him especially for you Bobbie, I so wanted you to hug it and for it to be your special toy but you weren't like that with any of your stuffed toys. He must of know he was going to have a little princess, he was excited about having another princess in his life to love.
I also have a snoppy dog he made as well up in my cupboard still in it's plastic bag.
Look after teddy as he was such a comfort to me. love mum

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