Monday, April 21, 2008

Memory Monday

What is your name? How did your name come about?

I love my name, well sometimes, it wasn't so fun growing up when children say "Bobbie is a boys name!" well actually the name is Bobbie-Jean I say!! And then with a name like that people ask are my parents American? NO - they aren't, actually we are like 5 generation Australian.

So the story is that as my father passed away when my mother was 4 months pregnant, they hadn't discussed many names. If I had been a boy - I would have ended up with his name in memory - but whoops I was a girl. So I ended up with one of the few names they had discussed - Bobbie - very trendy for the late 70's!! It was hyphenated and I was also given my fathers mothers name - Jean. So there you go - Bobbie-Jean. I must say I don't think I ever met anyone with the same name growing up, so I never got mixed up with anyone else!! Namesake Jean and the Bobbie-Jean

Then there is the last name debarcle!! If a person passes away - then they can't say if they wanted to be on the birth certificate - therefore as he died before I was born - it wasn't possible at that time to have his name on my birth certificate - therefore I couldn't have his last name - so I got my mothers maiden name. Then she got married to my stepdad and we were all sealed in the temple, and changed my last name by depol. Anyways - so I have been through 3 last names, now 4 with my married name - I rock don't I?


Jan said...

First of all. Janelle told me you were gorgeous, so I will just have to say it. Your gorgeous. And I love your name as well. My nieces are named Randi and Ronnie. I like names like that. That is a whole lot of names to deal with. I might forget who I was. :)
I loved this story. For my name, I was going to be a Lita Mae. But my Aunt convinced my mother to change it quickly to Janice Renee'. What would I have liked better? Who knows. But I loved my great grandma Lita and I have no connection to a Janice. So my Aunt is really the winner there.
Good day Mate.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Jan, Ah......R names. My boys are Robbie and Rocci, I love rhyming names too.

Bobbie, I think your last name is the best best one to date. Karyn

Bobbie said...

oh such lovely comment jan - I will have to keep blogging to help keep my big head big. I am feeling the love.

Anonymous said...

Well Bobbie-Jean, after learning all that about your name & seeing your name sake, heck girl, YOU ROCK big time. Sis, I wouldn't care what your name was, because you are unique in all ways.

You do rock with with the name though!

Love ya heaps
Aroha Pene in NZ

(sorry too lazy to use my account, so i went anonymous)

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