Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My favourite time of the day..

Phases.. there is always some kid in a phase, that just tuckers the parents out. Baby phase, no sleeping through the night phase, bedwetting phase, staying up late phase, bad dream phase and the list goes on and on.

Having just got my one year old sleeping through the night, the 5 year old that has been sleeping through happily (only since she was 4) has now decided to wake up once or twice a night instead. Tag teaming I call it.... kids are very good at that. Just as one child gets through a phase, another takes over from them with something new.

I try to refrain from telling people... oh you think it is bad now... JUST WAIT.... I have learnt that pretty much with each age your child goes through, just comes a new set of problems - the hard work of being a parent will never end...

and before you know it... they will be teenagers..... can't wait :(

Oh and they are asleep in my bed - when ken wasnt home like 4 nights a week, I take the middle child to bed (mine) first and sing to her (thanks to grandma who did that while we were in america 3 years ago - I am still singing!) The older and baby play in the loungeroom. I then take the baby put her in the cot in the girls room (they all share - but baby won't go to sleep if her sisters are in there.) Then lastly Kalani takes herself to bed and reads or draws, and when they are asleep I move them to their beds. Now Daddy is home more he wants them to go to their beds, but they are resisting his attempts :)What a work out!

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Jan said...

Bobbie, that is quite a workout for sure. Luckily it doesn't last forever and the time will fly by. Sounds like a typical day in a mothers life. So hang in there. Teenagers is a :(. Hopefully they will sail through that time. Have a wonderful day.

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