Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stuff to do with the kidlets

Here are a few websites I have found that have great activities to do with kids
The Crafty Crow
dickblick art lessons

We are making these gorgeous Flower girls from Elsita this afternoon. Here is one I made to practise before I let the kids loose at it, nothing worse than a craft activity that goes crazy. It was quick and really easy to make
And I loved this drawing idea from Knitting Iris to draw scenes from favourite books. Many of these websites are using vintage books - the pictures are just gorgeous. Here is our attempt

have fun creating


Jan said...

I am absolutely crazy for this idea Bobbie. I think these little flower people turned out so cute. I just love what you did. I am going to feature this on my blog okay. Thanks. You have a fun creative mind.

Frumpy Luv said...

I love these ideas! and is Kidlets an aussie thing to say? I find myself saying it and have to wonder???

Bobbie said...

I saw that saying on Scrumdilly do... so not sure.. maybe?

Bobbie said...

or maybe because we think of our messy little ones as pigs..... kidlets... piglets....???

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I love your flower people, don't know how well they'll go down with my boys!, so we won't be bothering to try that at our house! Maybe in a few years I'll have a taker for flower pictures.
I did check out some of the other websites you mentioned, and found some good activities we have had a go at some already. Thanks for some great inspiration and idea resources!

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