Friday, April 11, 2008

Why I love Blogging

I have been receiving some very nice comments. Beautiful flattery. Now as you all know I am not perfect ;) but thanks for the compliments. Now I will have to thank my new best friend - MY BLOG - for turning me into this wonderful person. When you have something to hold you accountable you look for better things in your life - to do more, be more, accomplish more, grow more, love more.

As my children are getting older and I am not as tired/stressed/hungry/lonely/housebound etc I am finding the old me. We have been very busy the last 3 and half years with my husband being a singles ward bishop. We had weddings/engagements/talent night / beach activity/ dances / and the list goes on to fill our time.

This blog is reconnecting me to the things I love. My family, Cooking (not cleaning after), Reading, Craft, the silly me - believe or not I used to try and be individual and creative in my clothes and hair department- Ok so not as much as my very funky sister but hey - she learnt from me ;)

So watch out world... this blog has created a monster!
- deep in thought with next blog ideas!


Jan said...

Well I used to be scared of monsters, but I think I don't mind you. I love blogging too. It has helped unleash a few things that I had hid underneath my mind somewhere. It is an outs of sorts. I think its great that you have found a renewment in some things.
Thanks Bobbie.

Mechelle said...

I feel the same way. I love to connect with what really matters. Writing it down helps me focus. M

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