Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear Teacher

sorry we are late... we are too busy crafting??

AFter seeing this post by Simply Stork about having an area just for craft always set up and ready to go... I really wanted one... but I live in a REALLY TINY HOUSE - and don't really have room for such a thing... but I had put my request out into the universe... and two days later my neighbour asks "Would you like a desk for your girls? I am giving this one away" Well I was so shocked I said "yes" and then had to think where I was going to put it.

So we now have a permanent crafting station crammed up next to the kitchen table in the dining room.

I think it is easier to turn off the TV... it is hard to turn off crafts in the morning - WE GOT TO GO TO SCHOOL!


Jan said...

Nice area for the kiddos to create. I think that is really nice.

Simply Stork said...

how wonderful...what a blessing...I had the same craft table as I do now in our old home that was also very was well worth having an area for my kids to create when ever the inspiration hit...they are VERY creative now and even though 3 of the 4 are older now they still love to create there :o)

may your table bring as much creativity to your children as ours has brought to us ;o)


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