Friday, May 16, 2008


Will we get work as showgirls?

Ahhh the joy that is the school disco. 2 years ago when Kalani told me we had to attend the school disco... I was like What? The school I went to, you had to be in grade 5 before you could do that. My daughters go to a small inner city school - that if all the grades weren't invited there would be 20 people attending. The disco's are very young child centred and all invited to attend, even the 2 year old siblings were boogying down.

Theme was fancy dress/masquerade this time. The girls were excited all week and couldn't wait. They were crafting masks at school- ie the one I am wearing and talking non stop about it. Then the reality hit, tired, cold, and we couldn't leave! We were waiting for Ken to finish work then grocery shopping and come and get us - Anika curled up in the pram with a blanket and went to sleep, at one stage I had all 3 of them on my lap sleeping/griseling.... this is a turn about from last year, when one disco we had to leave early and they complained so hard... this year school is really wearing them out and they need to be in bed by 7pm.

Also last year during the two hours the DJ played about 3-5 songs that I felt were very inappropriate for young children. We were far from the DJ or the principal to voice these opinions (and a little shy, first child at school, inexperienced parents) well this year I was dancing with all my girls and close to the DJ when an inappropriate song was played and so I took the chance early in the night to tell him what I thought, I said "I think this song is a little inappropriate for Prep and Grade 1 children(the majority of those dancing) and he looked at me like I was crazy and just shrugged his shoulders! Well I can say that there were no other suspect songs played the rest of the night - so maybe it worked. I was feeling so nervous after, but another parent said to me they also thought it was inappropriate - and I told her I complained to the DJ and she thanked me - so I am not alone.

But other than all those complaints :) it was a good night and they got to shake their groove thangs.


Jan said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. And you look good even in a mask. How's that?

So glad you went in there and stuck up for some good music. I just don't get why they always have to push the edge.. Glad he cleaned it up even though your crazy right ;)

Frumpy Luv said...

very cute masks!!! sounds like fun

Mechelle said...

Here is a shout out to you for shouting out at the DJ! Way to go! We need more people like you to keep our world safe for everyone. M

Karyn said...

My first grade 1 disco with Robbie was the same. All of a sudden a very naughty song came on and I was appalled, thankfully, for the number of mums who have no ratings clue, there are the same number who do care. And I was shown the virtues of how to speak up for yourself without ruining the night. Good on you Bobbie. There's nothing worse that a 2 year old singing "push it" "push it good" around the home.

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