Friday, May 2, 2008

Mothers Day Giveaway

I have made these lovely mini pincushions. They were inspired by Pink Chalk Studio though hers are much cuter.

Anyway I am giving some of these away. Winner will be known by Monday and I will pop it in the mail the same day to ensure that you get it for Mothers Day. You can have it for yourself or to give away to a mother/grandmother in your life. Even if you don't sew, they are a cute place to leave even a single needle and thread for the times you need to sew on a button or the like.

Just leave a comment on which one you like the best. If you haven't mastered comments yet - like a few of you - then just email me.



Jane of JaneZworld said...

Hey these are great - how cever you are and how clever to find the TIME!!
I checked out your source of inspiration - I think yours are equally a country look going...I love the one with the hearts - hearts being significant in my life -
my 2nd choice is the bunny one as I have a relee nicknamed bunny.
Great work!!
Im inspired....

Robert said...

Love them all but I really like any one of the 3 at the bottom of the photo.

And the candle caper ...... no wonder Gabby 'lights up' when you talk to

Jan said...

I love those Bobbie. I won't enter because you've already been so kind, but yeah for lucky winner.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
lovely work! they look great. so much better than my current pincushion, which is a cute little mouse, complete with tail. I feel like a voodoo witch every time I stick the poor little critter with pins and needles!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Bobby I just had a closer look and see you have done some beautiful embroidery on the leaves as well. gorgeous!

Angela said...

Bobbie, you are Brisbanes Nigella Lawson!! your pumkin looks gourmet, could you teach a class?
Hayley really loves the cute bunny pincushion as her undomesticated goddess of a mother hasn't got round to fixing her school shirts yet, this may inspire me.
Keep up the good work

Frumpy Luv said...

Love them - especially the top right greeny baby - but don't worry about entering me as we international people are annoying (and we have dicussed when we will be moving back to ozland this week - but it is just so complicated)

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