Monday, May 19, 2008

now... thats what I'm talking about...

Children quietly reading to themselves!!!

It does happen sometimes... but not often :( It's only because I was washing the dishes and told them that I would be right back in a minute (yeah right mum)

I do so much reading that it is nearly doing my head in - this week 2 chapters each night of Stuart Little (the book is sooo different from the movie, and 2 chapters from Fairy Fun Day Flags book) and of course picture books for Anika to go to sleep to and well the few baby ones Gabrielle throws at me.

I felt better after reading an article in a childrens magazine that pleaded parents to keep reading to their children. They said reading to children usually tapers off at 8 years of age (when children can read themselves) but it said that it is so much better if parents keep going, reading classics, picking up a chapter in the morning (from what you read the night before) quoting poems and verses more often and opening childrens minds to the magic of the written word.

I always told myself that I would read to my kids every night, and that I had read a quote I think from Mem Fox, that said, the best thing to get a child school ready is to have read 1000 books before they start school. I think we have achieved that goal and beyond.

and yes yes... I know Anika is naked... what's new? Grandma bought her some new PJ's and it was cold here yesterday that she actually wore them all day and night!!

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Karyn aka: Flame said...

'Moments of AAHHH' thats what I call these. My life since little babies has been made up of tiny little 'Moments of AAHHH'. And there's nothing wrong with naked Monday. I love a good naked day. Its like the saying 'sing like no ones listening' well shes 'naked like no ones looking.'

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