Thursday, May 15, 2008


Sorry if there are actual interested readers out there (cough cough.... hmmmm no there isn't Bobbie) and that my blog has turned into a what craft I did with my kids today (is anybody finding these useful???)

But I am just so excited in my new found excitement for motherhood!! Now, I did lots of cool things when the older two were little I am sure... but funny how you forget over time, then we got superbusy with my husband being a bishop and always here there everywhere and entertaining a bunchload of YSA... so back to reality...

I now have an almost 2 year old!! EKKK!! And older kids watching too much TV (well it isnt that much, NO TV in the morning here, and they go to bed at 6:30 - so they only watch from 3:30 - 5pm - but even that drives me crazy) So I am trying to reintrest them in their artistic abilties. Another downside was having no money...but we are working on not being able to send them to any after school activities - I am becoming the afterschool activity... so it's now or never...

Plus my husband and I were discussing the probability that our eldest daughter (almost 8) might only be at home for another 10 years!!! EKK!!!! They also go on monthly daddy daughter dates - just them and daddy for 2-3 hours, they takes turn alternate saturdays - we counted once a month, 3 hours, 24 times a year, till they are 18 - Kalani will only have 430 hours alone with her dad!! so scarey - that is all the time we have to teach her and to let her know she is a daughter of God with an earthly father that loves her SOOOO much.... self esteem etc etc... THERE ISN'T ENOUGH TIME >>>> IT IS RUNNING OUT!!!

So back to being a better quality mother, DON'T read kids craft blogs, montessori and waldorf teaching blogs.... It will make you want to craft, build, create, teach your kids like CRAZY!!

and I will leave you with this quote on why we need more handmade things:

We need handmade to balance the mind-numbingly similar machine-made things around us, things that can only express the efficiency and speed with which they were produced. Craft makes our homes more human. We sense the time, care, and skill that went into the making. Resembling life, in its slow accumulation of experience, a crafted piece is an expression of the daily moods of the maker during its creation. It speaks of the concentration and love with which the object was made. It can be sensuous, intricate, full of sentiment- and imperfect. It carries the imprint of the hands that made it." lise crawford

oh and don't get me started on the BUY HANDMADE (or make) FOR CHRISTMAS.
I will be posting on this in the future.

Enjoy those precious children you have.... they aren't yours forever :(


Karyn said...

What a lovely post. I love how you feel like time is running out with your girls. I'm sure if daddy daughter moments are special, they will continue on as part of their lifestyle. My friend has always had her 3 girls go out once a month with dad from an early age, and now that they are well into their 20's they're still dating him. As they grew their relationship together has just evolved with them, they are not religious, but value the role of father in their family. I'm sure good grounding will serve to continue as a foundation for a lasting lifelong relationship for your girls too.

Moreover, the time you spend with them doing craft is precious mummy daughter time and nothing like an afterschool activity centre. This must be sooo rewarding for all of you.

I hope I don't come across as preachy or a big know it all, I mostly agree with all the things you write and love to read your blogs. I love your honesty and beautiful spirit and nothing I say should ever be construed as spiteful. I only say this because I know I can be short unintentionally, this is mostly because I don't want to take up too much space writing in this comment section. Not like now :)

Mechelle said...

Love this quote. Love the post. You do have interested readers out there ~ ME.

I think all the time that in 10 years I will have a 24, 21 and 16 year old. I can go out and do all kinds of things at that time. But right now I am home with my kids. We spend almost 24 hours together.

That will change next year for Kallie will be taking classes outside of the home. (Sigh) So I really have to enjoy these moments with them.

Love the crafts. I will post (tonight) what we have been doing. m

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