Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Solution to Cold

I have been wanting to make these HOT SOCKS for ages but the instructions said you had to have all cotton socks so they won't smell funny after being microwaved - well since I live too far from the mall to walk I never go to clothes shops so was waiting for when I do and buy some pure cotton socks.

After all my complaints about being cold wonderful Mechelle told me she just makes her rice bags out of fabric scraps and they work fine. So with that encouragement I set to work straight away by cutting up an old hooded sweater and a corderoy dress too small for my girls. I purposely chose to cut rectangles around the pockets, then sew up the sides, fill with rice and sew closed.

Now we have rice heat bags with little pockets in them to warm our hands. These bags are so lovely - I slept with mine at my feet (which are always blocks of ice) and it was heavenly and cozy!! The girls are so in love with theirs that I spent all morning microwaving the bags every 20 mins when they lost their heat.

*Note* If I was to do this again (most probably) I would make the rice bag out of calico and use the fabric to make a sort of pillow case for the rice bag, so the cover could be washed, as I see these little things getting pretty grubby from all the love from my girls.

I am also sad that at the beginning of the year we went through our house and gave to charity all the clothes we dont wear - ALOT!! Now I think of all the fabrics and patterns that could have been mine - for free, so think about the material that could come from clothes you are about to throw away!!
And what is this??

NO... I am not pregant..... just in love with my hot rice bag =) Oh warm sweet relief... I think I am addicted.


Jan said...

It is so weird to think you need hot socks right now. I am finally cooling down from a muggy day.

They look awesome though. I have heard of them, but didn't know you could make them up so easily. Great job Bobbie and Mechelle.

Mechelle said...

They look great. I do make mine out of muslin and then I make a pillow case for them that can be washed. I was just too tired last night to type that all up. SORRY!

Have been staying up late and getting up early for too long. Last night was my crash time.

I LOVE YOUR BAGS! Aren't they so fun? MY KIDS LOVE Theirs. They get a new one every Christmas. We use ours so often that they need replacing once a year.

I do like the pocket idea. VERY Cleaver! Thanks for the nod on your blog. Makes my day. M

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I hear you can't get to the "mall". "Mall"?!! What country are you in? I've sprung you saying "powdered sugar", and other non-Australian words!! I am relieved to see Gaby hopping into the "esky" rather than the "cooler". Ha Ha!
Glad I could get internet access to read your blog today!

Bobbie said...

yeah i know.. but all my american readers ask too many questions...so i sometimes substitute words that I know smart australians know the meaning of!!!

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