Friday, June 6, 2008

Up at the crack of dawn

The View This Morning

Have you ever spent a night on the edge??

The edge of your bed that is. Been tangled around numerous legs and body parts?

Then to escape this slept sideways at the foot of the bed?

Having the sheets stolen and spending half your time hot, then half the time freezing cold?

Then just as you feel your skin is crawling and your body shaking and you just want to scream - You decide to get up rather than spend anymore time in there.... with those people??

Then you may have spent a night co sleeping with half your family!! Like I did last night!!

I don't know why - I must be delerious or something in the middle of the night but it never occurs to me to get out of the bed and go and hop into theirs!!

Any one else with these problems?? Now I actually enjoy co sleeping with my little ones, but only one at a time.... a bit of a snuggle is very nice with little ones under 2... but when they all wake up and want to hop in - I can't stand it!!

I think I need a bigger bed - or maybe get rid of the bed and fill my bedroom with mattresses covering the whole floor - plenty of room for everyone.

So I had a nice morning being up before the sun and everyone else was - Just a shame about the night.
*Old Photo for visualisation purposes*


Frumpy Luv said...

I have a hard enough time keeping William from stealing sheets and hogging the bed - so we've had to strictly enforce a "you sleep in your own beds" regime in our house - unless there is a special sickness and then I'll lay by one of the kids in their bed or sleep on the floor by them.

I really cannot stand having legs/elbows/heads in my face/back/rear all night long. So I can only imagine what kind of sleep you had!! So sorry!!

Jan said...

Been there, done that, and have no answers except go crawl in there bed. You hair is cute. I thought you got it cut again, but you explained it. Have a great day..

Mechelle said...

YES! We have a family bed and so I have spent many nights like this one. There have been many times I get up and go to the kid's bed just to get some sleep. I don't think a bigger bed would help us, my kids just want to be next to me. Can you take a nap today? That is what gets me through the morning after nights like that.

Love your new look to your blog! m

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