Monday, July 7, 2008

Christmas in July - Homemade Decorations and a Giveaway

When I started this blog in February, through it I discovered all these other wonderful blogs, I had rarely read another persons blog until I started my own!! It's a crazy snowball effect people - don't start your own blog!!!

While scrolling through it wasn't hard for me to go back to December on said peoples blogs and I decided to start collecting Christmas Ideas under my favourites. I am so glad, as now I have enough ideas to last the rest of my life. I also came across many blogs with this button on them

There is a website where you add your name and pledge to buy/make Homemade items as a stand against mass production/environment issues/child saftey (ie all those recalls of toys made in China with faulty paint/parts etc) is a place where you can look for homemade crafts/toys/anything. Now I havent taken the pledge as I know I will buy some things for the Christmas season. BUT I thought it was a nice reminder to look for homemade items or better yet make them myself.

One of my favourite homemade things at Christmas are Ornaments. I like to give ornaments, but a word of note, I really think you have to give Christmas themed gifts at the beginning of December so the receiver can have time to enjoy them. This is actually a good idea I think, as you can get some gifts out of the way, to focus on other gifts you may have to do (End of year teacher gifts, family, neighbours, friends, kids etc).

Here are some of the homemade ornament ideas I have found on the internet. Enjoy - and start making now - I read of a grandma who by having 12 kids now has 99 grandchildren!!! As she can't afford to buy that many gifts, she makes each family member a different ornament each year. It takes her ALL YEAR to make them and each year she makes something different - YOU GO GIRL!!

Fancy Paper Wreath
Patchwork Tree
Saltdough Ornaments
Soft Trees and Button Wreaths
Tiny Button Tree
Christmas Birds
EASY Paper Trees
Gumdrop Ornament
Pink Scrap Wreath
Mitten Ornament
Awesome 3D Snowflakes
Snow Sock People
Beautiful 3D scrapbooking Tree
Pipecleaner Snowflake
Denim Trees
Felt Photo Stockings I love these!
Wire Glitter Stars
Paper Cutting Lantern
Beaded Gold Bauble
Yarn/wool Snowflakes
Felted Wool Wreath

Enjoy your Crafting!!

This weeks giveaway is 3 beaded pink stars made by me. Who doesn't love a bit of pink at Christmas to break up the usual colours of Red and Green? Leave your name and/or a comment and you will be in the draw!! These ones are light, so this is open to anyone around the world to enter!!Please I need more entries than last time!!


Jan said...

You are way to creative for words Miss Bobbie. I just can't believe it. I love the ornaments alot.

Have a great day.

Mechelle said...

I love the homemade pledge! I Do this every year anyway, but it is good to take the pledge!

When I was reading this post my daughter came up behind me and saw the photo. She loved them! So do I.

I must get going on Christmas gifts! Thanks for helping me to start early! You are the best. m

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
I love your beautiful ornaments!!
I'm also quite pleased with myself, I just finished an advent calendar (to give away, so I better start working on one for ourselves!) It was pretty easy, just one of those printed ones from Spotlight, but its a start for homemade! The next one will be more challenging - of my own original and inspiring design!!

annette said...

Wow, what a fantastic lot of crafty links, thankyou!!! I recently bought some beautiful handmade angels made from beads to start my collection of homemade chrissy ornaments this year, with the intention of adding more "handmade" ones each year. We usually spend our chrissy at the beach with a beach christmas tree made from all things found on the beach and in the surrounding rainforest - the kids look forward to it each year. And always homemade cooking for teachers and friends presents. Your ornaments are lovely :0) Thanks again for the links, will definately find some inspiration there!!

School for Us said...

I love the idea of making Christmas ornaments to give away. Or, anything homemade! My family all has too much "stuff" and it is such a challenge to find things for them each year. Maybe my daughter and I can get started on some "Christmas in July" projects. Thanks for the links!

Karyn said...

I love non traditional christmas colours. These pink ones in a blue dominated household would balance the energy beautifully. Plus I would use them to replicate more. I looooove them. And you ;0)

Anonymous said...

They are very cute indeed!

Carolyn Adams said...

I don't know if I'm too late to win those but I still have the one you made me four years ago and LOVE it! Maybe you could show me how to make them someday.

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