Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Flat Challenge - Unplug your kids

Last weeks theme for Unplug your Kids was flat... I always seem to have trouble with the open ended themes (like the old one)

Ideas that came were -
cooking - pizza, dough type things
Cardboard/Shoebox "Flat" dollshouse. Another word for apartment in Australia is a Flat - ie I live in Flat #9

and then I remembered a cute idea from many years ago......

A missionary at my church had a little paper child cut out. He said they are called "Flat Stanley". Someone (his neice in this case) drew a picture of herself and posted it to him (halfway around the world) and he was to take it with him to different places and have it's photograph taken in interesting places that the little girl will probably never be able to visit.

Such a cute idea... so introducing ... THE FLAT ME'S!!! or as I called them the Flat Triplets...

The girls coloured some doll cutouts that I got from Riot Craft

FlatMe loves to eat breakfast

They love to wear their hair the same

They call home when they are out

They like to climb trees

Watch excitedly as their real me goes down the slide

They love to go to the fair

As you can see the FlatMe's and their 3D counterparts had a great week.

This weeks Challenge: rough


Ashley said...

Totally cute. I really need to see that Flat Stanley book; apparently I've missed out on something.
Looks like having three girls is the popular thing;)

Jan said...

That was so much fun for the girls I bet. Hilariously clever. Paper girls have fun too.

Nature Mama said...

Fun!! My kids loved to take Stanley around when we did it and you were even more ambitious with three! *grin* Love the calling home photo :) To cute.

Frumpy Luv said...

So so cute!! Loved the telephone picture!

Gottfredsen said...

So cute. The girls did a great job on it. If your girls liked the book did you know that there are other ones for the series. Look on amazon for all the titles.

emily w. said...

Very cute. Looks like we have lots in common...we both did "Flat Stanleys" (sort of), both have three girls and it looks like we're both LDS too :)

Karyn said...

Your new page looks great, very exciting. Was totally distracted from the story by Kalanis fur coat. She looks stunning and warm.

School for Us said...

We've sent Flat "Stanleys" on vacations with different family members. It has been neat to get photos back from Ireland, England, etc. But, I love the idea of the "flats" just hanging around near home, too!

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