Saturday, July 19, 2008

Laminated Dolls

Got this idea from Chasing Cheerios and she got it from a place I had already bookmarked it from called Kiddley and Kiddley got it from Sarah from The Small Object so I had to do it of course.... It seems if I see something I like at 2 places I eventually get moving to do it.

These are printable paper dolls that can be either a boy or a girl (my girls kept saying they were boys, but I said it was just a girl with her hair tied back ;) and you stick fabric over them to make them dressed. However Cheerios laminated them and magnetised them so we went with her idea. The magnet thing didn't work for me (mine weren't strong enough) so we are just using blu tack to put the pieces on the doll for the moment.

We spent over an hour this morning drawing clothes and accessories and laminating our pieces. Sorry no before pics or tutorials we were in our pj's and made a huge mess and were so concentrated that I forgot(didn't want) to take photos.

Here are the girls dressed in all their glory.

Naked Girls =0

Ready for the beach

Winter outfits

Dress and Scarf, Dress and Necklace

Have fun making your own designer clothes!


Melissa said...

Great job! I love the hats and shoes!

Jan said...

That is really cute Bobbie. I love paper dolls and this is really clever and easy. I also love your shadow shots too. I am going to have to do that.

Mechelle said...

Love this. Very clever! m

Good + Happy Day... said...

That is so cute! I love homemade toys! The toy making is fun and the playing even more! I remmeber paper dolls being one of my favorite things as a little girl, but for some reasons I did not think to make paper dolls for my daughter... until now!

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