Friday, July 11, 2008

The last outing of the holidays

So I was nice mum today and took the kids out for an expedition

Stop One - Visit the possum

Stop 2 - Release seed pod boats in the river

Stop 3 - Catch Ferry

Look at sites as we go past

Stop 4 - Optical Illusion oustide Art Gallery

Stop 5 - Art Gallery

Stop 6 - Museum

Stop 7 - Picnic Lunch

Stop 8 - Always time for a roll down a hill

Stop 9 - Dinosaur Garden

Stop 10 - Back on the Ferry

Stop 11 - A swing in the park

Stop 12 - Home again, Home again, Jiggity jig


Mechelle said...

You are right! You are a nice mum! Looks like a great day.

The optical illusion outside the art gallery was cool.

Looks like the weather might have warmed up a little. Thanks for a great post. M

Jan said...

What a great day for everyone. You are so fantastic as a mother. I just can't believe all you do for them.

I love the shot of Moroni. All the pictures look so happy.

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