Thursday, July 17, 2008

Montessori Method

One of my favourite blogs to read at the moment is Chasing Cheerios. Only those with small children will probably find it interesting, as it is about a mum and her two year old daughter and their Montessori Learning fun.

Mama O teaches her daughter using Montessori Methods. I have wanted my girls to go to the Montessori school where I live but it is across town and you have to go through the city to get to it so in peak hour traffic would take an hour or so to get there so it is not very convienent for a person without a car.

Click on her Side Bar Label Montessori - she has around 90 simple activities you can try to develop montessori learning in your child. I am definately looking some more into this education method!

Here is my sweetie trying rice transfering for the first time. You ask the child to transfer rice/beans/pasta from a bigger container to a smaller one using a spoon. Her eyes lit up when I showed her what to do. She only lasted about 2-5 mins doing this one, and she gave up on the spoon and started using her hands to make it go quicker, I kept telling her use the spoon not hands, but she didn't want to listen. However this was her first time and I was pretty happy with the results.. I will be trying more of Chasing Cheerios Ideas.

Mom Unplugged mention on her blog Unplug your Kids in a post about beans - how she uses things like that to keep her children quiet while she needs to do housework as they don't have a tv or computer games. She said it was the montessori training that enables small things to keep her children occupied - and wouldn't we all love that!!

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Anonymous said...

What a great way to keep the kids busy, yet they are learning!

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