Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Toddler Tuesday - Art Group

This week we used inspiration from Seeking Imperfection and her cardboard roll painting.

It was raining today, and I thought maybe no one would want to come and sit in my cold garage in the rain, then I thought, well maybe they might want to get out of the house (it has been raining since Saturday) and my second guess was right!

And being school holidays we had older siblings and even a few cousins thrown in - 18!!! Children at my house trying to paint - IT WAS GREAT =) I am still recovering a few hours later ;) phew.... here are a few photos.
some of the small kids
some of the big kids
Finished product


Mechelle said...

Beautiful art work. Glad you are getting the rain! I know it is important to get out of the house when the rain continues! Nice that they had such a great activity to come join in on.

Did your girls keep their clothes on this time? M

Frumpy Luv said...

I would love to be there one day for this!

Laura said...

What fun! I love the artwork. I would love to do this at my home, but feel I lack the space and would get overwhelmed with so many children....maybe I should 'just do it'. How did you start this craft group? Do you go to a different house each month??? Just curious.

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