Friday, August 15, 2008


I have sped through Mr Darcy's Dairy by Amanda Grange in 3 days in time for book club tonight.

Maybe because I was sick, or maybe it was just what the doctor ordered... but I LOVED IT!! When I went to the library to get it the librarian was all saying all loud "OOOOH A romance novel... thats in the ROMANCE SECTION!!" BLAH BLAH...." I never read romance so I was embarrassed!! But it is really Old English type book take off Jane Austen... but it is a love story...

Diary format is a bit annoying. Just as you are getting into the story is is broken up by dates, a bit too choppy

Mr Darcy goes on a bit TOO much how he love Elizabeth or how she is driving him crazy as he can't have her but desires her... was starting to get on my nerves a bit

The story is unbelieveable as a diary... I doubt anyone would write so much like a novel in their diary.. to counteract that the author threw in short (more typical diary) entries .. but this was too haphazard in amongst big blocks of prose

Good to see Darcy's version. Gives meaning to why he is a little cold and snobby in the Jane Austen Version

Author spent some time in saying why Elizabeth and Darcy would be so well suited, as opposed to him and Caroline (is that her name?) Which helps me believe the original story more ( I will admit here, I have never read Pride and Prejudice(*gasp*) but have seen the BBC version and the modern movie)

Mr Wickham is detailed about how bad he really is. I feel really sorry for Lydia, even though she was an idiot... I am so glad these days just because you make a terrible dating mistake you don't have to be married off forever to such a loser!!!

The author took the story further than the Jane Austen novel. She took it to everyone meeting up for Christmas at Pemberley. I think all the characters were just as they would be in the Jane Austen Novel... it was well done.

Anyone else read this book?? Want to make a comment??

About how you and your significant other got together~

Reading all this lovey dovey begining stages of romance made me think of my lovely husband.. I spent all day yesterday telling him how much I love him. We dated for a short time, but knew we were meant for each other. He is my Mr Darcy. I know his true self... which not many people do.. so I love that!


Dating mistakes like Lydia

I am glad I wasn't married off to any of my dating disasters.. lets just say I was very blessed from above to have been rid of a few boyfriends to end up with my lovely husband today.

Ahhhh... Jane Austen and LOVE..... makes you all warm and fuzzy inside !!


Eowyn said...

I agree that the diary format was a bit choppy so that's why I didn't end up reading it.

You know, I thought the photo/picute on the front of the cover was familiar but couldn't place it until I realised that that is also the picture used on the front cover of 'The Count of Monte Christo' book that i have (thought you might be interested!)

I'm an absolute Jane Austen P&P nut and love all those types of stories and i've read heaps of them. If you love P&P (Pride and Prejudice) and just can't get enought (like me)I recommend this book 'A Private Performance' by Australian author Helen Halstead. It's a sequel to Pride and Prejudice and it's the best one i've read yet. You can tell that it's not Jane Austen writing but it still has that witty spirit.

Mechelle said...

I will check this out! Love P and P so I am sure I will love this as well. Too bad I am not sick and don't have a good reason to lay in bed and read. m

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

I just bought a cute little pocket sized version of Pride and prejudice that I couldn't pass up. I haven't heard of this book before but it sounds like something I'd enjoy. I'll have to see if our small town library has it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bobbie,
my comment is not on the book, but (*gasp*) you haven't read Pride and Prejudice! that should be next on your reading list!!
hope you're feeling better

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