Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Position Vacant - Apply Within

At our mothers group today I was mentioning about being so good at Blogging because basically I have no friends... and then I said.. I need to advertise for a new best friend ~ As my last best friend ( I STILL LOVE YOU ALISHA!!) Moved to London over a year ago, and I had a little baby to keep my occupied, and then I had this blog and the net to keep me happy.....but nows the time....


Come to my house a couple of times a week
Go out with me
Talk to me on the phone
Cook with me
Basically have fun, eat chocolate and sit around chatting with me
Swap babysitting

Own vehicle preferrable cause since I don't have one, I might want you to drive me around occasionally :)

Who wouldn't want to be this sassy girl's friend??

Apply Within the comments section

And If no locals respond I suppose I will just stay right here with my bloggy friends =)


Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!

I (Alicia) am applying for the position. I share a great name with your previous best friend!

I am not sure that i can fulfill all the specifications (visiting often etc) but i do love all the cooking and craft you do so would love to join you on that!! Most importantly i am a chocoholic and i always have a stash!!
I do already have 2 best friends so can i be greedy??
He he he he happy best friend hunting!!

Love Alicia

Anonymous said...

aaw....i would go there and hang out with ya!! you sound like tons of fun!!! But, you might want to send ME back ater a day or two, though....:)

mrstamu said...

Oh, if only I was a local!!! OK so Chris keeps bringing up Nigeria as his boss in Brisbane transfered there recently and a few other people we know and like. I could think of no good reason to go but now I can, it is a lot closer to you.... just how would I get to the airport? Well at least I know there we get one vacation a year where we pick and they fly us, AU here we come!!!

mrstamu said...

That was so sweet about the muffin tin, and by the way I've been reading your FHE for the 3 months since you started (I think) I've not read the July ones since I've been gone but I love the extra help and ideas. Thank you!

Love Alisha

mrstamu said...

Do you have a skype id? email me on FB

Jan said...

That is so cute. I hope you get the response that you want. You are sassy too. Love the coat and your hair.

Your background too is really great. Apply people apply...

~Bobbi~ said...

lol. I was telling my husband about Bobbie from Australia's craft. He started laughing. He said if you came to visit we would call you Bobbie from Australia and I would be Bobbi from America. I know what you mean though. Alot of my friends that I grew up with here, don't have the same interests as me; which is why I love this blog community. The only thing is- I'm not as Creative as I thought I was. It's kicking me in my pants. There are alot of people out there with awesome ideas.

Anonymous said...

Well my dear friend Bobbie - I'll just have to keep being a long distant best friend but visit often when I'm down that way in good ole brissy... I would've loved to haved filled the position but distant seems to be the problem - dang! good luck hunting though.... xxoo

Anonymous said...

MY dear friend Bobbie - I would've loved to haved filled this position but distance would appear to be a problem.... I hpe we are distant bf though and promise to visit more when we actually get to good ole brissy... :) Love ya heaps and good luck bf hunting! xxoo

Mother Goose said...

OHHH this is such a smart idea! I might just need to steal it, I am desperate for a BFF too, and I love that you put requirements! my BFF moved off to UT! that is why I spit on UT,even though I secretly love UT. I want to be in UT, but no job offering that is even tempting for dh, so again, I spit on UT. LOL, where do you live? is NC too far for you??

Frumpy Luv said...

I am going to be in the same situation when we return to Indiana ... major bummer - so I suppose Blogapalooza is probably out for you next year - but we will HAVE to set up a webcam so you can "meet" some of your bloggy friends.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobbie, I too love to cook and chat. Just as well we have this wonderful thing called email. Melbourne is just too far!!
Love the photo in the jacket - you look like your mum (a young Lorraine)

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