Monday, September 15, 2008

Sand Challenge - Unplug Your Kids

Last Weeks Challenge at Unplug Your Kids was SAND.

This is what I wanted to do
Visit the Man Made Beach at SouthBank (in the middle of the city!) but funny how quick the weeks seem to be going these days!! I blink and its Monday again!!

So this is what we did do - Sand Pictures!! I came across this great link for Sand Glitter Pictures at Makes and Takes

Put down PVA glue in desired shape

Sprinkle on Sand and Shake off

Let dry

This weeks Challenge: HARD


Jan said...

How fun Bobbie. I love the sand art alot. I think that it could have endless possibilities. Have a great unplugged week.

Mechelle said...

I am so doing this right now. THanks, m

Shawna said...

What great pictures!

Thanks for stopping by my project. I've visited science centers with the spirograph pendulums, which are awesome because you can take the pictures home! Our museum had one when I was a kid with sand, and I love that you can erase it the next moment and try a new one.

Michie said...

The pictures came out great. We might have to try this one too.

Gottfredsen said...

those came out so cute. What a great job.

ashley said...

What cute pictures!
Busy or not, you better get yourself to the beach, and think of me while you're there;)

The Gozlings said...

Those pictures came out great! We did something similar, but my boys are younger (3 & 2) so theirs were more along the lines of "blobs" of glue. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those turned out very nicely! The man-made beach looked pretty fun too.

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