Saturday, September 13, 2008

Swiss Chocolate .. How I love Thee...

Our new student arrived from Switzerland this morning bearing these chocolates!! The childrens fairy tale ones are SO CUTE!! Lindt chocolate called Petite Theatre!! The legs and heads move so you can mix up their bodies.. so much fun and tasty too.

We can eat the chocolate and laugh that she arrived on our door at 8am (after the previous student left at 5am!!) to a complete bombshell of a house!! Wires crossed somehow.. I thought she was coming at 8pm!!! We had a crazy week, and I was off at an Enrichment walk/breakfast activity, came home had just sat down and started planning the shopping/cleaning/schedule (including birthday parties and stake conference) and in came Sandra!! OH NO!! Our house is a huge mess... WELCOME TO AUSTRALIA!!!

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Mechelle said...

That is so funny. I am sure she did not care what the house looked like. She is lucky to have you! What a great family to be with.


Sorry I have not posted about the great gifts you sent to me. Jim has been sick and my life is on hold. I will try to get to it soon. M

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