Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eleventh day of Christmas

my true love gave to me.... more ornaments of the family..

One of my favourite things to make at Christmas is personalised Christmas Balls. A few years ago I made my Nanna one ball for everyone in her family (that took while ;) My mother put in an order as we have had a few additions to our families in the last few years and I have to play catch up. They can be put on the tree or strung in a line like my grandmother does. My mother in law even put all her balls in the shape of a tree pinned to a wall in the house.

Basically you buy some plain balls some PVA glue and glitter.

I like to find a small round container which will hold the ball while I write on it with the glue. Then sprinkle glitter over the name, and shake off excess.

Add a bow, I bought these bows premade 12 for $2 at overflow

Now make one for everyone in your family :)


Zanabelle said...

Aww Bobbie, they are beautiful! Lilah's name looks pretty in glitter :)

chelle said...

These are beautiful. Truely. I love glitter. I am sure they will look great with all the little lights around them. m

Calamity Cookie said...

These are so simple and elegant.

My mum made me quite a few beaded ornaments for our tree and last year I dedided that I would love our tree to just have home made ornaments. This year I can see myself making these.

Jan said...

Really pretty idea Bobbie. I love that you are so on the "ball".

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