Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twelfth day of Christmas

my true love gave to me.. Pencils for everybody!

I thought I better squeeze the last Day of Christmas post on the last day of November !! I found the idea for these pencils at One Crafty Mumma They make great gifts for end of school (which is in two weeks!! Here comes SUMMER HOLIDAYS!)

I pretty much detest candy canes.. they don't taste that great, my girls make STICKY horrid messes with them, they pretty much melt and wilt on the tree as we don't have airconditioning, I find half sucked ones being saved for later in the fridge... I am guilty of giving my fair share away.. Well...I mean they are the easiest thing to pop in a Christmas card for my daughters school class friends, But not this year!

I am just finishing up like my 45th pencil topper - enough for everyone in each of my daughters classes.

I was lucky enough to find these lovely Christmas pencils at the local $2 shop, then I cut lots of Christmas Trees out of felt (see One crafty Mumma's link for the pattern)

I sewed some on the machine around the edges and some are handsewn leaving a gap in the trunk to put a pencil in, and a little glue to keep the tree on. Then I dotted PVA glue and sprinkled on glitter.

Attach a ribbon for girls if desired and give to all your friends

Thanks for all your lovely comments on my 12 days of Christmas - they made my day!! Enjoy the Christmas season and check back in December for my 12 Day Walk with Christ - A wonderful way to begin the Season :)


BindiM said...

Very cute. I think I will be trying some of these for Mia's friends.

chelle said...

Great idea. I will have to try this. How many hours in a day down under? m

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