Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Cards

The great plans for Christmas always go awry. I had planned to make personalized holiday photo cards to send out this year. Last year I recieved a gorgeous photo postcard from my really good friend living in London. Those lovely cards are beyond my budget, but I had the thought of making my own and printing them at a photo place for 14 cents each and posting them like a postcard -no envelope. I had my wonderful photographer Sister In law take a family photo (nearly impossible with my kids) and was set to go.. but whoops too late now.

I personally feel that since you only can display christmas cards for a short time, I like to send mine off at the very beginning of December, to enable ample viewing time :) This is also important for the many friends I have that live Overseas. I may have missed the boat and not to mention that I haven't printed the cards yet so these digital photo cards will be sent exactly as they are.. DIGITALLY via email :) Plus I also read some website begging people not to send cards especially to work clients (only to very close friends and family) as billions of tons of waste paper/cards end up as junk a few weeks later.

So in my bid to save the environment ;) *wink wink* I hope all my friends forgive me when I send them an email card.

I am getting slightly addicted to making them.. watch out friends I might send you 2 or 3 or 4!! Here are some samples.. of course the real ones have our names on them :)


beth at aunties said...

They are so cute. My niece made e invites for a wedding shower for our son. They turned out really nice. There are only so many hours in a day and with little ones those fly by so fast.
I started looking at your blog when you made a comment of your husband be a bishop of a singles ward. We have served in a singles ward for several years and for the past year and half been playing with the YSA's on the ward, stake and regional level. We love this age.
Have a wonderful Christmas season,


Karyn said...

I love these cards. The photos are just beautiful. Who would throw it out after the season is over. I think this one is a keeper.

Sarah said...

We all have good intentions especially at christmas. We recieved the pack from you for the kids on December first. I call that organised. But here is a thought a friend of mine works for Australia post. you should see the cards that are addressed wrong and do not make it to their destination let alone the letters to Santa. Where do the parents think they are going to end up?

~Bobbi~ said...

Those cards are absolutely adorable. I can't decide which one I like better. Super cute!

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