Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Homemade Christmas Presents

So christmas is almost here, and I don't think I will be making any more handmade presents except for some Play Silks (I will post later about these) but here is what I started making back in October and am now finished most of what I wanted to make for the girls.

Felt Board

I am going to have this present out under the tree unwrapped so they can see it first thing Christmas Morning. I have make some other shapes and seasons that are stored in ziplock bags. The felt board was made by purchasing some felt and stretching and hot gun glueing it around a small painting canvas which I got cheaply at a dollar store.

Felt Food
I grabbed these cute picnic ziplock bags and thought they would be perfect storage from some felt food I have been slowly making over a few months, one piece a night.

pineapple rings, apple slice, orange slice, strawberries,watermelon slice

Lollipops and Biscuits

Eggs, Pancakes with maple syrup, bacon, tomato slice

Doll Nappies
Pattern found here at Skip to my Lou after I saw some inspiration on Chasing Cheerios

Being Modelled by one of the many dolls we have

I made these just now after feeling guilty that I didn't have many presents for my 2 year old. She doesnt want nor need anything. She loves those doll bottles that have milk or juice in them that look like they are emptying to the dolly. I bought her those for $1.99 and that is all the gift I had her (we have plenty of dolls and don't need anymore) then after seeing the idea on Chasing Cheerios I thought I will add these nappies and wrap up one of the exisiting dolls in our house and now she will have a great present she will love. I am also making the play silks with her in mind and now I don't feel so bad :)

I also have been collecting pom poms, pipecleaners, and lots of crafty bits and sticky tape and glue to be put in a "Creative Box" for the older two girls.

I have plenty of bought presents for the older girls - Swimming Goggles, Tiny Pony collectable things, electric toothbrushes, paper doll cutouts, books, DVD,Hair accesories, make up kit .. they will be spoilt that is for sure :)


Jan said...

Absolutely amazing Bobbie. You did a fantastic job. What a creative way to use those ziploc bags too. Just perfect together. Love the food so much and those little diapers are always needed. Even on dollies.

julie s said...

love the cute felt food, and the nappies! homemade gifts are always best.

The Sugar Fairy said...

Boy, you've been busy! You know, I still haven't finished those felt donuts you posted, that was about 6 months ago!

The nappies are a really good idea.

Wilson Family said...

do you have a pattern for the food or did you just make it up? they're so CUTE!

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