Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The TREE is UP

Our family tradition is to put the tree up on the first Family Home Evening in December. I start to get a bit antsy if the first monday is like the 7th - A waste of a week in December :) But this year was kind to me - The first Monday was the 1st!

First we sort the 100s of branches into sizes

Building and "FLUFFING" out the branches - a very important step - the girls enlisted the help of our Japanese student (who had a great time as Christmas isnt as important in Japan)

The longest step - untangling the lights and fixing broken bulbs - The MR got them all working - what a feat!

We dance around the tree as we put the lights on

This year Miss A thought it good to sit on my shoulders to be able to reach and put the star on

And just for cuteness Miss G posed like this for me

And FYI Advent went spectacularly well - so much that we lit all four candles.. whoops!! and the girls have asked for it everynight!

1 comment:

Kris said...

Love your banner! The Little People nativity set is gorgeous!

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