Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First day

The weather may have been gloomy

But my feelings were not


It's back to school - wahooo!!

First day back means new bag, shoes, hat, lunchbox

I do love my kids... I do love having them home with me..really I do :) But these summer holidays were very difficult for me and boy am I glad they are back to school :)


Sars life said...

You are not the only one. Our neighbours were heard having a back to school celebration early this morning.

The Sugar Fairy said...

I felt totally calm at home without my little one, I haven't felt like that for ages, yay for school!!!

However, I did succumb to a little crying (at home) and now it's only 45 minutes (and counting) till I pick her up:)

::Jan:: said...

those are true feelings Bobbie. I love their uniforms and hats. so cute. good luck girls and have fun mommma.

The Hawthornes said...

Woohoo for school!! Now you can watch AMNT in peace!! :)

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