Saturday, February 14, 2009


The MR and I don't do Valentines - with our anniversary the week before there isn't much reason (though go into my archives and see the Surprise I got last year the thought of it is enough to last me this year :)

But I read somewhere about a Dad that always got his daughters flowers for their birthdays and valentines and I thought it was the sweetest ever!! Girls so need reminding that their fathers love them. So last week I saw these fake roses for $1.50at Spotlight and thought they would do the trick.

Today he handed them their flowers and gave them a hug and told them how much he loved them. We went and put some purfume on them so they smelled nice and the girls carried them around, and they will be decorating their room for the next little while!

I know it is too late for a Valentines Craft but I copied this idea from my sister in law who has lots of great ideas as she worked in Child Care for many years.

Put Red or pink food colouring in a cup with a dash of washing liquid and add some water. Using a straw blow lots of bubbles

Like So...

Place paper on top of bubbles

Repeat these steps until the whole paper is covered like this

I think it makes the most beautiful paper!! Like Marbling but without the hassle. I thought this paper would make great valentines cards/hearts and that is what we did

Though this year we didn't give any out. All the AMAZING valentines Ideas on The Crafty Crow make me sad that I haven't done any of them. See my post from last year about Making Cookies to take to school to hand out. I want to add for the few american readers I have that KIDS DONT DO VALENTINES IN AUSTRALIA.. Last year when I took the cookies I recieved a number of strange looks from the parents. A few even asked what I had made them for... Valentines I said... stunned silence from them..... Then Oh you are a nice parent

Here valentines is purely for teens and adults with significant others.. though most long married people I know don't celebrate Valentines.. many feel it is just a commercialised thing...

I will leave you with an experiment I tried.. each time I get the ice out of my Ikea heart and flower Ice Trays I wonder if they would be good as chocolate moulds... so for VDAY I tried it out

I'd have to say that no it didn't work. The rubber/silicone made the chocolate all matte and feel weird.. they didn't look pretty enough to give away.. which didn't bother my girls in the least ;) as there are now none left.


Sars life said...

You come up with the best doable traditions. I do not care how chocolates look as long as they taste yummy. Had to laugh when I tried to get my two year old to do the bubble activity he drank the mixture not once but three times and his nappies were a wonderful green colour. So much for Safety sarah as my friends call me

Jan said...

That is great Bobbie. Keeping them in touch all around the world. I love the chocolates. I like the swirls and mixed look myself. The bubble art is way cool too. Happy Valentine's Day from WA state.

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