Monday, March 2, 2009

Due to Popular Demand...

well ok... one comment request ;) I have gleened the internet looking for some cheap date ideas.

And Bev was right ... of course.. it is simple really!!

"There's a stage for everything and maybe now is my time to snuggle on the couch with hot milos... the dinners and long walks will have to wait!"

The MR and I have taken this to heart and have now decided that once a week after the kids are in bed we will take an hour or two just for us. No talking about kids or work. No tv or movies (our usual at home 'date') Just talking, eating, sharing things we found interesting through the week, quotes, what we have learnt, reading out of some new books out loud.. things like that.

Take some time to smell the Roses
This was a fun date the MR and I had.. Taking photos in the rose bushes at a City Park.

Now if you do happen to get some time to go out.. here are some ideas to help you. Print out a list of what you would like to do and pass it to your MR to cross off something when you have done it. I find that men (well my MR anyway) will do anything IF it is outlined for them :)

If I ask him to cook and leave the ingredients and recipe he will cook any time I ask him.. If I point to a cupboard full of food and ask him to cook.... well... nothing... so my advice if you don't want to organise the babysitters, the date, the time off etc... give a list to your guy!!

It has also just occured to me that many of these dates sound like day time ones!! It might be easier to get a sitter for an hour or two during the day on a Saturday. The kids will be less tired and grumpy (and you too!!) if you go out during a happy time for them... (DARRRRHHHHHH what a revelation for me :)

Go for a walk in the park, warm up over hot Chocolate.

Driving Ranges are great fun for golfers and those just "learning"

Go swimming at the local pool ( I love swimming and can't remember the last time I swam without being attacked by three kids hanging off me!!)

Pull out some bug spray and a cozy blanket and curl up together in your backyard or a local park for some stargazing.

Challenge each other to a contest. Anything works, and the sillier the better! Try sand castle building, hop scotch, name that tune, marbles, or kite flying

Spend a day together at the beach. You can snorkel and explore sea life, collect sea shells and driftwood, go for a swim, or have a rock skipping contest.

Go shopping and see who can find the strangest, tackiest, yet cheapest item for each other.

Go ice-skating.

Lie on your backs in the grass and try to identify the shapes in the clouds

Grab a favourite book and read outloud to eachother.. borrow a book of poetry from the library to read to one another

Visit an art museum, conservatory or botanical garden and pretend it's your first date, hold hands and kiss.

Find a used bookstore and browse together seeing what crazy stuff you can find

Go to a second hand clothing store together and select an outfit for each other without the other knowing what it is. Exchange outfits, and change into them. Go out for an inexpensive romantic dinner and find out how merciful (or not!) the other is.

Take a walk or hike.. wandering around downtown, or walk on a trail, local lookouts, can all be fun

Pack a backpack with fruit, cheese and water. Get on your bikes and just go, stop in a shady area and have a picnic, talk a while, and then bike back home.

Check out open houses or display homes… pretend money is no object for today

Ride the bus around the city.

Cook a meal together

Make life lists – crazy things you want to do before you die

Dance in the rain

Take a class together – painting, sculpture DIY.. whatever your heart desires!

Glowsticks date.. throw glow sticks at the beach or the park and run around finding them or each other in the dark

Have a dance

Go to a department store and try free sample fragrances to spray on each other

Picnic at home

Play a game of pool at a local pool hall

Buy a block of ice, cover with a blanket and slide down hills ( I WANT TO DO THIS!!!)

any other ideas??? Pass them on and I will add them here!!


Sars life said...

I know a couple that took he family to the movies but got the kids to sit way down they front and them up the back. Some times taking the kids on an outing you all like may just have to count as a date while the kids are young.

Cowan Family said...

oooh what a thrill to see my name in the blog that inspires me and which got me to start one of own!! I like the idea of going to open houses and display homes - how fun to pretend I am wealthy...
Did I mention I'm having a whole week away from the kids with my husband in Cairns? I'm so excited and yet so scared!! I'll be doing all of these date ideas crammed into one week.

Karyn said...

Bev said it best. I've been thinking long and hard on how to say Bev so eloquently quoted. I thought about saying the old 'for everything there is a season' psalm, but I think this is perfect. I am so pleased you have changed to a more idealistic home dating guide. Well done! Sometimes those great suggestions from above just have to be slightly adapted. You big rebel you!

:Jan the crazy lady: said...

That list should cover Ed and I for the rest of our lives. Obviously we need to date more :)

Great ideas Bobbie.

Sarah said...

One of our favourite dates was going to the library together (without kids definately made this more fun although you could do it with kids too if they have a children's section). We both settled ourselves into comfy chairs with piles of books and hot chocolates from the library cafe and read and talked and read. Very cheap and very fun for us (we both love to read).

Mechelle said...

I love this. You always have great ideas. Once Jim and I had a milk shake making contest. We both won. I still remember that date. I think we'll try the star gazing when it warms up. BRRR. Or on second thought maybe we should go in the cold. Could be fun. m

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