Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mmmmmm... doughnuts.....

I have been wanting to make baked homemade doughnuts for ages after drooling after all the ones on the net. Well The Artful Parent's one activity a day challenge for the month of march sealed the deal! She found the recipe via 101 cookbooks and those sugary little balls were too good to resist.

What I found...

It takes a long time (as with any dough recipe) so I made up a batch while the kids were at school so they could have one asap afterschool. Then I let them roll the left over dough and we rose those ones to eat for dessert. The first batch were the best. Warm and doughy and sugary!!

I didnt have the right cookie cutters so we rolled snakes and joined them to make circles... make the hole BIG!! Most of mine puffed shut.

You must eat these directly from the oven.. they don't taste as good later on.

I found mine a little too 'yeasty' tasting.. so less yeast next time for me.

But they were good... here is the photographic proof :

And some may have just licked the cinnamon and sugar!


:Jan the crazy lady: said...

My mouth is watering. Those look excellent Bobbie.

Sars life said...

You have my Heart with this one. Donuts are the one thing treat I have trouble saying no to. Have to snag that recipe.

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