Saturday, April 4, 2009

Eggs, Eggs and more Eggs

The Easter Advent activities for the last few days have been kid inspired/requested and basically all about eggs

We made chocolate Half Eggs

I borrowed these molds from my mother in law over a year ago (anyone else in the family want to use them??)

Inspired by the best rocky road I have ever had at my brothers a few months ago (White Lindt chocolate, macadamia nuts, marshmallow, Turkish delight - IT WAS DIVINE) I made a similar one with mashmallow, turkish delight and chocolate melts. The girls put 100's and 1000's on theirs

I love these foil painted eggs from Kids Craft Weekly sign up for her enewsletters.. she has lots of ideas.. this month version is all about eggs

Basically cut out a carboard egg (we used cereal boxes) cover in Alfoil and paint all over

Then using a cotton bud make patterns on the egg

Our finished eggs, I am going to stick them on the window

We made Easter Cards for our neighbours and teachers using egg stickers

We Dyed Eggs - this time I used a $4.95 egg dyeing kit from Spotlight. It came with containers, nifty lifter, wax crayon and dye tablets. The pink and purple were too light so I added some extra food colouring.

This is what happens when dyeing eggs with 2 year olds

Our Eggs - we made one each.

The girls loved it, so we will be dyeing eggs again before Easter is up I think

Thats it for the last few days.. Oh I did go to an awesome Twilight Bookclub with friends on Friday :) and it has been raining here lots... perfect twilight weather!!


Sars life said...

I love how your dyed eggs turned out. The super strong dye we tried looked awful might have to try your idea on white eggs.

sheppy said...

Your eggs are beautiful and much better than mine. I think I used too much vinegar (half water/half vinegar), because the dye rubs off the eggs. Oh well, making things with the kids is the important thing right?

I've been wanting to try blown eggs for a while, so I'll try your ratio with those.

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