Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Play thing of the day

Playdough and an empty tic tac container - did you know you could make 'bricks' with both the lid and the container? Kept her busy for about 40 mins!

And I wanted to mention the Playsilks I finally finshed making

I was wrong about not doing ANY last minute birthday sewing!! I was going through my material scraps and found the half finished playsilks (intended Christmas Gift for Miss G) and decided to finish them up for her birthday (I was feeling the consumerist guilt of only having bought ONE present for her)

Playsilks are a gift where the child may look at you blankly and push to the side at first (hurting your sewing heart :) But they may become the most played with gift after the fact. And so far the older girls have played with them ALOT MORE than Miss G

so far they have been:

wrist, waist and ankle wear

and the most bizarre - my 8 year old enjoys having a couple hang out the back of her shorts (looking like a painter or builder who has a rag/cloth hanging out) she even went grocery shopping like this with me asking why? she had no reason.. she just liked it... ummmmmm OK....

and I love this idea from Carli's Clan about putting them in a tissue box to be pulled out by little ones as a distraction toy.

Playsilks can be expensive to buy so I sewed my own out of the cheap material usually used for clothes lining? I don't know what its called but it was like $4 m and I only bought 1/2 m of each colour, so downside is that my playsilks are small and not silk... but still lots of fun

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Sars life said...

What a great idea

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