Friday, October 23, 2009


As I sat at a set of traffic lights golden light filtered through. The wind blew a forceful but gentle breeze - It shook the enormous gnarled tree on the curb and yellow/gold leaves fluttered down. It look like gold rain, light, fluttery, etheral looking sheaths of gold, bathed in bronze light. (how in spring I do not know!)

It was something like out of a hollywood movie - Perfect in a sense. I wished I had been able to get put of the car and dance around in it - It would have been momentary bliss - a time travel to child like joys. Or I wish I had been able to atleast photograph it.

My heart filled, I felt warm

Passion for life flowed through me.

I had a semi sort of ephiphany.

I have been looking for some sort of thing to add more passion, more fulfillment in life ~ Or ways to make more passion and more fulfillment in my already full life.

I could have it sitting at a set of traffic lights in the middle of a busy city.

Life is Perfect sometimes


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