Thursday, November 12, 2009

3 Months or Eternity

Little Miss N turned 3 months in the past week. I have been taking photos of her in the same outfit each month to see how she has grown (we were given 2 bonds suits in different sizes)

Time seems to have flown by yet at the same time lingered slowly. Sometimes I think this is how eternity works. Miss N has only been here a short time, yet it seems she has been here a long time. Familiarity and a knowing feelings always accompanies new additions to families.

How were we before she came? I can barely remember. Yet I have spent 8 years at varying stages of motherhood - each child building upon the other. Each giving me that sense of completeness and familiarity. This makes me question how can it be like this each time? I don't feel that we were waiting for this particular child or previous ones, and that now "I am complete" - it seems to accompany each child.

I know you and you know me. We are together for Eternity.

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