Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sixth Day of Christmas - Edited

my true love gave to me

glittery playdough for everybody!

I saw this idea a year ago on One Crafty Mumma and thought it would make good class gifts. I have just seen another idea where you cut the dough into a large star shape and then wrap it - If I find a cookie cutter big enough I think I will do that! I am making red glittery dough for girls and green glittery dough for boys.

Last year's class gifts were These Felt Pencil Toppers as I have a personal DISLIKE for Candy Canes (well dislike for the mess my kids make with those things.. and they get bucketloads of them over the holidays!) I thought I would be a kind mother and try to find something else to give to the girls class mates! Well maybe they won't think I am so kind when their kids leave playdough on the carpet ;)

I used this recipe on the back of the cream of tartar jar to make my dough...

10 down... 40 more to go :)What have I got myself into :)

*** Post Edit ***

We ended up cutting them into star shapes. This way I got more out of my batches of dough and it looked much cuter! Only took the girls a couple of hours to make and write out for each kid in their class.


Christie said...

It also makes a wonderful offering for Valentine's day with a heart cookie cutter. :)

BindiM said...

That is fabulous. Would love to do it if I can find the time in the next week. The kids have already written out their cards for their classmates and are dying to give them out.

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