Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thou Shalt not covet other peoples blogs

*avoiding the paparazzi*
Yeah so I totally have blog envy.

It can be bad for ones esteem to read other creative/crafty/montessori/homeschooling/tree hugging hippy type blogs. I have decreased the amount I read - but it's too addictive, Like I don't want to miss out on all the awesome ideas (that will probably never get used, just compiled :S) And I would rather envy those type of people than movie stars, celebrities etc anyway.

I feel like I haven't done a proper craft with my kids since Miss N was born. (Christmas excluded) and sadly I think they might be happy. Happy that hours of TV and computer are part of their lives.

I feel like a failure. One of my favourite kids ideas blogs Chasing Cheerios often makes me sad. Her two girls are the same age as my two youngest. Hers seem like geniuses compared to my kids. All those montessori games are paying off.! I was so happy when she did a post this week about 'things I don't do well'. I felt like a hero - I excel greatly in some areas she does not.

This blog world is a revolving circle though, because people have said the same about me. They feel guilt over my blog! Guilt over ME? Don't do it!! When someone says to me that they love my blog and what a wonderful, relaxed, organised, crafty mum I am... I think... NOOOOOOOO It is soooo far from the truth. (But keep up the praise cause I secretly love it)

Hopefully I blog enough about lifes difficulties and not just life's pinnacles

'Cause blog life is fake

Well I hope all those copious amounts of perfect people blogs are fake

Those Fakey Mc Fakes

otherwise.... The truth is I really just am a lost cause.


And As a special gift to all my wonderful readers

The Oft Quoted ..... "Lucky Holly" ...... is opening her blog up to you

(I feel like oprah offering up her favourite things)

A once in a lifetime opportunity to read "Lucky Holly" (whose blog is private)
is open to you for ONE WEEK!!

You know she was recently a movie star (read an extra on a commercial) - get the inside goss!
And click through to my favourite labels of hers at the bottom of the page: Cheaper than therapy, mama thoughts, tongue firmly in cheek, taste it.

'Cause she is definately the real deal. Not fake at all.

and neither am I

... well only half the time

*click here to go directly to Lucky Holly


NatashaD said...

So you have me hooked on reading your blog entries....I had a look at Lucky Holly's blog since you gave it such a rave review...I began reading thinking she is a complete stranger to me - which she is but I had no idea she was married to Chad! I haven't seen him for a good 8 years at least....I had recently been wondering what he had done with his life over that time - and now I inadvertently know :) an awesome wife and three gorgeous daughters!....can you please pass on a big "Hi" from me? I still have not got up the nerve to write my own blog "the weird and wonderful adventures of me!"...but I am getting there...

likeschocolate said...

Sorry, but I don't feel sorry for you. :) First your photos are amazing! Your daughters are beautiful. We don't all have to make a gazillion crafts and projects. We were all given talents and I am sure you have plenty, but I totally understand given that I am not very crafty nor do my boys really enjoy doing crafts that often.

Cowan Family said...

Oh man, that was quick! Holly's blog is closed again. Thankfully I managed to get 2 nights of reading and poring over it first! ha! She is an amazing woman and I can see your envy, but Bobbie - you are absolutely amazing too and I am in awe of you. You are a very special and devoted mother, your blog is humorous, witty, deep-thinking and I check in almost daily to see what you're up to! Don't sell yourself too short (and if you were fishing a little bit(!) then I hope I sufficed.) It was the truth though - you are one very talented lady and envied by others. XX Where are Holly and Chad living? Oh and tell Holly to write a column for a newspaper or something - she has a way and I was instantly drawn to her writing and stories of life. A wonderful mother indeed! And I loved her honesty!

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