Monday, April 26, 2010


Miss G loves water. Loves to swim. When she was little she would just jump into the pool and let us fish her out. She didn't care if she can't swim.

She loves the beach but is very scared of the waves. Usually she runs into the water then runs straight back out as soon as a wave comes.

This last trip to the beach with her sisters taught her to sit on all fours and dig her fingers into the sand and let the small waves hit over her and pull back. Digging into the sand kept her in place from the pulling motion.

She was very proud of her efforts this time to 'swim in the ocean'

I sat on the beach watching thinking what are my mechanisms to keep me in place?

How do I remain in place from the pulling motions?

Life is an ebb and flow.

Many things keep me anchored.

The MR
My kids
Extended Family
My Religion
My happiness
Creative outlets

My husband and kids keep me anchored. These '5 people' who rely on me and who funnily enough pull me in many directions! Yet they are like my fingers squished into the sand, holding me here from slipping away.

Me and My Five anchors - Like fingers - hold me up, carry me, lift me, bind me,  anchor me.

What keeps you anchored?

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