Thursday, April 15, 2010

Table Talk

I was depressed about my table.

Really Sad.

I want a new one.

Half of the chairs are broken.

It's embarrassing really.

Most people I know and the blogs I read -  the people have beautiful tables.

With centrepieces. Or funky artwork, clocks or decorations  behind.

I'm in the thoughts of redesigning all our rooms. The loungeroom and dining most specifically. Changing styles, layouts, new furniture. Thinking alot about how to minimalise in this small house, yet live a fullfilling enriching life. We do want to live here. We do want to be able to do stuff and have things, yet have a sleeker look.

So I once again pointed out how disgusting and embarassing our table is to The MR

"But I love it this way, it's beautful" he said.

"Its our table. We use it. Alot. It shows marks of love and use.

He had to go and pull THAT card didn't he.

One of my favourite passages from 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families is about the kitchen table.

I cut out my wedding dress at the same place where I memorized my spelling words. It was the same place I ated cookies each day after school. It was there as I prepared for the SAT's. My husband to be was grilled mercilessly in the same spot. Much of what I have learnt and hold dear is inextricably intetwined with the kitchen table. That 4x6 scratched and worn piece of furniture was a small physical part of my home. Yet as I look back on what we did there, I realize that it was a key to the life I now have.

As I struggle each night to get dinner on my kitchen table and round up my children from the four corners of the neighbourhood, I wonder why I dont just send them to their rooms with a chicken pot pie and tv. I don't because I am giving them the gift of the kitchen table. Perhaps it is in the genes. Or perhaps it is that kitchen table. That magical place where I learnt responsibility and felt love and security.

There's something about a kitchen table.

Marianne Jennings - The seven habits of Highly Effective Families by Stephen Covey pg 282-283

A couple of years into being married we wanted a big table. A big one for our family and all that we planned to do around it. We got the biggest in the shop at the time. Its 110x210cm. We knew it would get used and abused, so decided on a wood one that could be sanded back and be repainted if it got too bad.

That was my choice at the time to. So now I should stick to it now.

That big old wooden table that has definately been abused.

Now where's that electric sander?    *looks around*

*and don't give me 'the table looks fine' rubbish. That photo makes it look good. It has nikko stains, blue, red and green paint that won't come off, purple bleeding tissue paper stains, a green holly leaf shape stain from christmas tinsel, carvings, a nikko teddy bear drawn on the top, circle drawings dug in by a ball point pen, knife and fork stabbings, bare patches where I scrubbed off other offending things and ended up scrubbing off the lacquer!!.. and the list goes on. Not to mention only four still together chairs out of 8.


Lucky ♥ Holly said...

I would sand it back and paint it or restain it. Then you could scout around op shops/tip recylcle shop/ebay for some cool mismatched chairs that you could paint too!
PS would lend you my sander if I were closer!

Christie said...

This makes me laugh. I am currently looking for a table just like this. I want a worn, basic, all wood table, bruises and all. Much like a old farm table. I love the character they have and the stories they hold. Just get new chairs, not a new table!

Our little family said...

Sanding and refinishing/painting it would give it a new lease on life. The broken chairs, sorry, I don't know how to help you with those. Except that I love tables with mismatched chairs. I think it gives character, and it's shabby chic. :) Can you go to some thrift stores or yard sales to find some new chairs (new to you)? That's the best solution I can think of. :) And go read this post, you'll like it.

SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

I have a friend in Tassie that has an old table that everyone carves in when they come to visit - and every couple of year she will sand it back and start all over again. So many memories, its brilliant :)....Granted she lives way up in the bush with no power and a wood stove for cooking, but I love it!

Sars life said...

We have part of a telephone book stain (Bright red), blue crepe paper, Yellow paint, scissors and utensil scratches and gouges. We cover it all up with a table cloth (A christmas present from you) and flowers.

Lucky ♥ Holly said...

you may find some inspiration on this site

Anonymous said...

HI Bobbie,
Just this month, we thought we needed a new table too! A bigger one. I justified it by saying we are too crowded when we have people over, and we should have people over more often etc. We even went browsing in furniture shops, picked out a couple. But it never eventuated. I too would love beauty and refinement, but at the moment I have kids, marks and scratches! How horrible to have a new table and be scared for the kids to sit at it! There is always a table cloth!!


Kathy Pitt said...

Oh I love this post, and actually your table looks good :) Table cloths?

My husband made our 2m long dining table about 8 years ago now, and I was looking at it the other day thinking, I would love a new table, this one has blah blah ect. But thanks to your post, i love my table - Ta to your hubby, he is so right and I love that exert from Coveys book ( will have to pull it out and read it again now lol)

My hubby also made me long stools to go down either side of the table 3 Christmas's ago, best thing for little bottoms to sit on :) They cost like $50 to make 2 of them, maybe you can find someone handy with tools?

Love the blog, I have been lurking for a few months now :) cheers Kathy

{Bobbi} said...

YOU had to go and write this post didn't you! haha I feel the same exact way as you. My sister gave me her table when it was brand new and decided it didn't fit her house. Then we she visited she asked "what did you do to my table?" Umm..."living!"

That exerpt made me choke up. Alright, I'm content- for now! :)

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