Friday, May 21, 2010

Ink Painting

A long time ago one of our Japanese homestay students gave us a gift of Japanese Ink, parchment, and a set of fine caligraphy brushes. One evening we all sat down and she showed us how to do caligraphy. She wrote our names out and some words I requested (like dream, family etc) I tell you it was poetry in motion watching her. Caligraphy is an ART! It was almost like a dance watching her twist, turn, stop, hold, flick.

Well apart from borrowing the paper for some craft projects, and stealing some ink, we have never used the set.  The other day I got it out for Miss G to paint with.

We used a dropper and the beautiful brushes and messed around with some ink

I'm sure you could achieve a similar look with any ink or even black watered down paint.

The paintings (inkings?) turned out so lovely. I want to frame them. They look like Modern Art.

Might look good in my black kitchen?

And now you can see why my table is the way it is.

A thought came to me  two days ago while I had 5 kids doing art at the table. Mayhem!
 Two of my kids can only do art if they are SITTING ON the table. My 7 year old hates it when I say she has to GET OFF the table. Maybe it is because they are short? I have no idea why, but she says she doesn't like to reach for things, and just can't do art while sitting on a chair!! It seems her 3 year old sister is the same

Some real caligraphy. This one says 'family'

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lissyal said...

These would look AWESOME framed...

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