Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The quilt I mentioned last blog.

I'm excited about this quilt. Its kinda like my first one. Well not really. But my (terrible) First One  was a gift. The Second One  was a raggy cheat one. This is the first one we get to keep, that had binding and all!

No tutorial here, I am just excited about this quilt because it cost me NO MONEY!  See all those squares there? There are made from 3 of my girls dresses and workshirts of The MR's! A friend with a rotary cutter cut the squares out of the dresses. I love upcycling things!! The Mr's work changed the colour of their work shirts. So I had 4 blue shirts that were just going to the bin.

The batting and backing were given to me by a friend and my mother in law. The backing is a flannelette sheet! She bought a large one on sale after winter. A huge sheet for $6 what a good idea!! If she hadn't given me some, I was just going to use one of the kids sheets for the backing.

I currently  have some pink squares on the go (more cut up dresses - we seem to have a lot of dresses!) and am hoping this time I can make it bigger than cot size. Hopefully I will finish it before winter ends.

Basically for this one place I had four colours of squares. Lay out in a row of 6. On the next row move the pieces one over, and you will get the diagonal cascading effect. Sew into rows and sew rows together. I am not about to give binding advice, cause as you see I am not that good at it, but for the first time ever, I didn't bamboozle myself and I machine sewed it in the ditch, so I didn't have to do it by hand.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work!!!

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