Monday, July 5, 2010

I made it! - Kinda

I can finally eat these chocolates I won a month ago! They were to remind me, or tempt me, I'm not sure

I made it a whole month without eating or purchasing ANYTHING that contained Cocoa!

See  Here  if you've forgotten why!


I hope my positive energy vibes somehow help slave labour children in Africa.

On the plus side we have both felt better without consuming so much chocolate.


However I may have eaten condensed milk out of the can on occassion to fight sugar cravings.

I might add - what a cheap dessert. A few spoonfuls of condensed milk with a cup of milk. That can lasted me a week ;)

Well unfortunately the truth is I went a month -  sort of.

That's if you don't count the times I accidently licked the spoon while making the kids Milo
(I didnt stop them but when the milo ran out they had strawberry milk instead!)

and the the time 2 days before the end.

I was in the cinema, in the dark, Miss K hands me a Jaffa (she bought the treats while I got tickets) I put the jaffa in my mouth to hear miss K shriek "OH NO IT'S CHOCOLATE"

I look over at her with a 'what are you talking about?' look

She yells again "IT'S CHOCOLATE!!'

then I realise my mistake and spit out the tiny remains.

*Sigh*... Oh well....

I went a month without chocolate

...except for that half a jaffa I ate :)

I think the Mr did better than me.


Anonymous said...

Wow, well done........she types as she eats her second mint slice bickie.

Anonymous said...

"Well done"..........she types encouragingly as she eats her second mint slice bickie!

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