Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Oh Harry, will you take us back? I'm sorry for saying it was over between us!

Just as I got all Harry Potter fever out of my system... Miss A picks it up!

It started with a pen for a wand. We've now upgraded to a nice looking chopstick.

She wants to watch the movies every day. 

I read outloud to them the last chapter of the seventh book, despite the fact that they had not read any other bits of any of the books. Miss K picked up the sixth book that I had here and has started reading it and is almost finished.

If I hear Expelliarmus one more time........

I was forced to google Harry Potter spells just so I could hear something different.

It did come in handy though.

I was able to tell the kids if they didn't quit it, I was gonna put a body bind on them. - Petrificus Totalus!

The poor girl has been begging to wear The Mr's glasses. So now apparently I have to buy her some Harry Potter glasses.  Her name rhymes with Harry Potter so she's been calling herself a 4 named name with Harry Potter in the middle :)

Some of us are getting sick of having to be Hermoine.

I think she must have some nerd issues. Firstly she loved Howl, then it was the new DR WHO, now she dreams of marrying Harry Potter. Isn't this what Freud talked about? Latent parent issues (*cough cough* cause The Mr isn't a nerd at all :)

But how can she marry Harry Potter, when she wants to be harry? She asked if she could change her name to Harry Potter, and that I had to write a note for her teacher at school, so she could be called Harry!

I'm sure its a phase that will wear off....

*off to the shops to find harry glasses and a maroon and yellow tie*


Bindi said...

I can totally relate to the Harry Potter obsession. Mia is going to marry Ron Weasley! She took a wand (black straw) to school today. My kids' favourite spell is 'Eat Slugs!' and 'Wingardium Leviosa". I hear them so often that I find myself repeating them at random times too.

We found life size cutouts of Harry Potter on Amazon and my sister thinks it will be a good birthday present. And there are worse things to be obsessed with... (for me that would be Hannah Montana or High School Musical!)

Lisha said...

We love Harry too! I am always so sad when I finish a Harry Potter book that I make the last few chapters last for weeks and weeks. I too have Harry withdrawals! Although I've finished reading them all, I'm hanging out for the next movie installment to keep the Harry fires burning.

We go through different phases in our house, we had a Harry Potter phase back in November last year where no unforgivable houses were allowed in the house:

We are right in the middle of a Star Wars wave again. Harry will be back soon I'm sure and the spells will be flying again.


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