Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A grey week

A few weeks ago I  found grey hairs

Grey Hairs?!?!

I found one or two and plucked them out.

I have nothing against grey - it even suits some people

But the hairs were shorter and wirey. Ewww

So I go on my merry way.

Then a week later I find more. LOTS more.

I pulled them all out.

However this way of dealing might not turn out so good

I might not have any hair left !?!

Hair I have been kind to you and not dyed you for 3 years. Please be nice back.

*wanders off to  find some hair dye*

And talking about grey-  I was grey this week when I thought I lost ALL my photos! I have printed most important photos but have not printed any this year. So I have none printed of baby N. I was beside myself! Sorry Miss N. There are no photos of your first year. My heart broke! But the Mr said Never fear. He has two backups! He was able to retrieve from the second thank goodness! I have only lost a month and half of photos! The stress made me feel glad that I have this blog! That even though they are compressed there are photos on here! phew!

and PS how I have missed you all! Did you know I have had a broken computer since Thursday??? I have missed writing my thoughts and scrolling through my millions of pictures finding the perfect ones! I blogged once from the teeny tiny laptop but it just wasn't the same.

Ya know? my baby.. my computer that has all MY STUFF on it. It felt like cheating. And nothing was in the places I like it. Well absence makes the heart grow fonder.

My heart also grew fonder for The Mr who has been slaving over my computer in the few hours spare he has. Trying to resurrect it and all. I know I know NOT:HING about computers. What will I do when The MR isnt here?? well she is almost all better. Can I hear a hallelujah!

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