Wednesday, August 11, 2010

High Expectations

It's funny how I have higher expectations of knowledge for my kids than they really have.

We bought a kite at the Ekka. Every year I mean to buy one off the kite dude.

I thought my kids knew how to fly a kite.

Then I realised I think we have only had one before, briefly. It might have been years ago.

It seems easy, flying a kite - but now that I've spent 4 days yelling:

Run, let the string go, higher, higher, run against the wind, no no wrong way, its getting too high, keep away from the road, watch out for electricity poles, keep running, wind it in, wind it in, stay still, stay still, pull pull.

I realised my kids had no kite knowledge what so ever.

And it's been fun learning.

When they did get it high (several times - very high) it was deemed too boring to just stand and hold it there. They much prefer it to fly low and chase it around. They ask to get it out every day so far. We shall see how long the attention holds or how long the kite holds up (starting to die already)

Or maybe a note for myself is -never tell kids what to do.  It takes  up to much air and energy.

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SuiGeNeRiS Speaks said...

Michael made the kids kites with green garbage bags, and they decorated them.....but we didn't have any light enough string - so we stopped off at the kite dudes stand and bought some of his. :)

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